Dragon City Cheats Gems Gold and Food Generator


Dragon City Cheats Gems Gold and Food Generator by RazoR1991 on Facebook, iOS and Android account!

How to get Dragon City Cheats Gems, Gold and Food? Just download now!


Dragon City Cheats Info

Cheats work on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod), Android and Facebook account. Need some Gems, Gold or Food? Now its not problem for you with Dragon City Cheats by RazoR1991. Our program updates the database with the new value of gems gold and food. You cant get banned. Enter your Facebook/App Store/Google Play E-mail. Now you can use unlimited Gems and Enjoy! We recommend use  options Shield to protect e-mail adress (if you dont want to get spam). The program was created by RazoR1991 team for all razor1991games.org users.

 Dragon City Cheats Gems Gold and Food


1. Run Dragon City Cheats by RazoR1991.
2. Enter your e-mail (app store, google play or facebook).
3. Press on “Detect Device”.
4. Select what you want to add and select amount.
5. Select “Shield” (recommended).
6. Press on “Patch Game”.
7. Done. Check your account.


Dragon City Cheats GemsName: Dragon City Cheats

Size: 3.20 MB

Total Downloads: 41.982


How to use Dragon City Cheats

Fllow us on Facebook to always be up to date. Always a good idea to be informed about the latest games or generators facebook games cheats! In addition, it is possibile to easy contact and happy to answer all of your questions! Play the latest games along with the Razor1991 team. Thank you for appreciating our work! Our files have been downloaded 800,000 times! If you like this file please leave a comment is important to us!

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